Discovered music #1

Since it is always interesting to stumble over some (rather unknown) tunes while surfing the web, I thought it might be a nice addition to this blog to share (and archive) some discovered songs or albums. The following pieces mainly fit in the electronic genre and are well suited as a musical backing of a coding marathon. Further more some albums can also be bought through bandcamp or are available on soundcloud.

Tor - Drum Therapy

  • Genre: Electronic, Downtempo
  • Favorite Track: Glass & Stone

Dhruva Aliman - What Must Be (Album)

  • Genre: Electronic, Ambient
  • Favorite Track: Blood Moon

Bonobo - Nicolas Jaar - Chet Faker 1:51 hour Set [by tipotheus]

  • Genre: Electronic, Downtempo
  • Favorite Track: Not determined yet
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